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We believe that nothing stimulates people or businesses like growth. So we push ourselves and our clients further, faster and higher to achieve greater outcomes. We’re focused around the common goal of showing our tier-one clients what good looks like and committed to helping them transform to achieve it.
We’re a varied, vibrant team of highly skilled business leaders, consultants, sales specialists, coaches, change agents, marketers and technologists who believe in working smart. We’re also a gutsy, social group of parents, sailors, mountaineers, charity workers, photographers, athletes and artists who believe in loving our lives. Together, we shape the business and celebrate diversity, sincerity and positivity - making Blackdot an incredibly special place to work.

Our Values



When our clients, their customers and our team experience lasting growth, Blackdot is doing its job. Growth is the state that energises us collectively and as individuals - and we don’t stop working until we achieve it.


We conduct our work to the highest internal standards, and we’re proud of the outcomes we achieve alongside our clients. The expectation of quality is a defining trait of every one of us at Blackdot.


Respectful, constructive challenge is not only the surest path to positive change, it’s something we find exhilarating. We embrace it personally and enjoy tackling difficult problems on behalf of our clients.


Genuine relationships are founded on trust. Blackdot’s commitment to fact, transparency, independence and straight talk is the mainstay of the many client partnerships and working relationships we enjoy.


Working hard is only half the battle. We apply personal experience, knowledge and innovation to plot the shortest path to shared growth. We question. We push. And we’re open to ideas from unexpected places.


People are at the heart of what we do. A diverse and happy team gets the best results and that makes Blackdot an inspiring place to work. We’re all supported to integrate work into our lives in our own way.

Our People

  • Jessica Flynn, Analyst
    • Jessica Flynn, Analyst

    "At Blackdot, I’ve valued how my development has been prioritised and the regular mentoring I’ve received to make sure I build up my consulting toolkit quickly. The best part about working here is that we are real with each other – I love that we challenge one another, no matter your title, so that we create the best solutions together."

  • Jessica Walter, Manager
    • Jessica Walter, Manager

    "During my time at Blackdot, I've had the opportunity to complete pieces of work from strategy to implementation, resulting in real change for leading organisations. I've been supported to develop and grow my responsibilities, with a fun and inspiring group of people that work hard every day to deliver real value to clients."

  • Shiana Gunasekera, Head of Marketing
    • Shiana Gunasekera, Head of Marketing

    "Blackdot offers both a challenging and supportive work environment, in which everyone has the opportunity to shape who we are and what we do. It’s inspiring being part of such a bright and ambitious team who are driving results globally!"

  • Justine Tabone, Principal
    • Justine Tabone, Principal

    “Blackdot is a wonderful environment to be hands-on in delivering client outcomes and growing the firm. I've had the opportunity to build on my industry experience, sharpen my consulting ability and develop client relationships. Watching each team member show up to deliver for each other and our clients day in, day out, is immensely rewarding.”

  • Chris Mellish, Senior Manager
    • Chris Mellish, Senior Manager

    "Working at Blackdot has allowed me to build both a strong strategy toolkit and real world implementation skills. I’ve also loved the greater responsibility that comes with working at a boutique firm, and the chance to travel and lead engagements in Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, London and North America.”

  • Vincent Duarte, Consultant
    • Vincent Duarte, Consultant

    "I joined Blackdot as a Graduate because of the dynamic & impactful nature of our work. It has provided me with opportunities to work closely with leading organisations to drive real transformative change. Blackdot is composed of intellectual & driven people who are dedicated to your professional development, yet incredibly fun to be around."

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