How organisations accelerate marketing & sales transformation

Blackdot has launched a new whitepaper, ‘Accelerating Marketing & Sales Transformation’ examining how organisations can advance customer & business outcomes in the digital age.

This newly released whitepaper explores 4 common pathways for accelerating transformation, based on Blackdot’s Operational Maturity/Business Imperative (OMBI) framework. The framework provides recommended courses of action based on what stage organisations have reached on the transformation journey.

The 4 Pathways include:

1. Disciplined Start: 

For organisations in the early stages of transformation that face the challenge of kickstarting transformation initiatives

2. Rapid Operational Reinvention: 

For organisations dealing with an internal shock or sudden change that has caused them to collectively recognise the need to transform 

3. Organisational Reset:

For organisations that have embarked on transformation initiatives which have not gone well, therefore requiring the business to win back frontline trust and belief 

4. Good to Great: 

For organisations that have recently executed a successful transformation program and realised benefits, and now need to harness that energy to continually optimise customer and business outcomes

The whitepaper also provides insights into where organisations currently sit on the path to becoming holistically customer-driven, drawing data from two Blackdot surveys of 300 growth leaders in March and October 2017. Comparison of these surveys reveals a positive trend with a 12% increase in leaders making strong headway towards customer-centricity and a 29% decrease in those still trying to get started on their transformation journey. 

However, while many organisations have moved on from the early transformation stages, less than a quarter of survey respondents rate their enterprise as being holistically customer-driven and delivering a consistent omni-channel experience. This reflects the very real challenges that leaders face in re-engineering their enterprises.

For further information on how organisations can keep up with the pace of change, read the Accelerating Marketing & Sales Transformation whitepaper.