Blackdot EMEA and Philips Healthcare co-present at MedTech

At the recent MedTech Commercial Leaders Forum in Zurich, Blackdot EMEA co-presented with Philips Healthcare on a year-long project to prove the impact of a global capability program.

The project successfully correlated the performance impact alongside identifying upside opportunities to increase impact through targeted Manager development.  This case study will form part of an upcoming webinar in October.

"We engaged Blackdot to support us with strategic direction of our global capability development investment.  They completed extensive analysis using Philips data and their global benchmarking database to isolate the impact of capability programs at Philips.  We have been able to truly demonstrate the business impact and ROI (Kirkpatrick level 4 & 5) of our learning and capability development programs for sales.  Based on the outcomes of this project, we were able to successfully secure funding for continued investment in frontline capability, as well providing valuable insights into opportunities within our Manager cohort." Paulina Neelen-Rath, Director Sales Excellence and Organizational Capability Development - Philips Healthcare 

“A challenging, yet rewarding project to unravel one of the great mysteries of our time; what is the real impact of ‘training’? " Mark Taylor, Executive Director, EMEA, Blackdot

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