Blackdot creates Centres of Excellence to deliver world-class solutions

We are proud to officially announce the launch of our Centres of Excellence (CoEs). Established based on market trends and common challenges our clients are facing, these CoEs will allow us to implement innovative and world-class solutions that harness our national, regional and global perspectives.

As a firm, it was critical to create the right connections for collaboration, so that we can leverage our collective experience – ensuring our frameworks and approaches are consistent. Designed to drive innovation, our CoEs will serve as a central forum for our consultants to concentrate their expertise in a specific area – sharing knowledge, data, resources, and best practices across the organisation.

Based on our current client challenges and needs, the first four CoEs that we have stood up over the last 6 months are:


This new way of working has advanced our IP, facilitated a more collaborative culture, enabled us to better align around business goals, and increased our operational efficiency. And for our clients, these CoEs have created a more consistent experience globally, delivered greater outcomes at speed, and further strengthened our service offerings.

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