Blackdot launches suite of customer centric transformation whitepapers

Blackdot has announced its largest whitepaper release to date, examining 5 key areas for enterprises to consider to achieve customer centric growth and transformation.

These 5 whitepapers expand on Blackdot’s best practice framework for marketing, sales and service transformation which was launched at the Enterprise Growth Transformation Executive Breakfast in October 2017.
Drawing on insights gained from Blackdot’s extensive transformation work with clients, this suite of whitepapers examines how leading enterprises are addressing the following key challenges:

1. Reorganising around the changing customer
2. Integrating & digitising marketing, sales & service
3. Transforming mindsets & capabilities
4. Implementing & adopting new technology
5. Achieving execution excellence

The whitepapers also detail the best transformation pathways for businesses based on the Blackdot Operational Maturity/Business Imperative (OMBI) Framework and outline best practice approaches for building maturity in the above 5 areas.
The scale of the whitepaper release is reflective of Blackdot’s commitment to providing practical and informative insights to its community of subscribers, said Blackdot’s Head of Content, Jacqueline Garcia.

“Blackdot is passionate about sharing the latest thinking from our in-house experts, as well as the valuable lessons we have learnt from our extensive engagements helping enterprises to transform for growth.”
“We’re thrilled to be making this suite of whitepapers available to our customer base and look forward to continuing to build on these insights in upcoming blogs, events and subsequent whitepapers.”

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