Blackdot & Healthy Thinking Group partner for a unique multi-channel service offering

Blackdot & Healthy Thinking Group combine expertise for a unique multi-channel offering
Blackdot was pleased to recently announce they have commenced working with Healthy Thinking Group – a specialist agency focused on the health sciences industry -  to offer enhanced marketing solutions to clients.
Both firms were motivated by a common passion for pharma and health sciences and their complementary capabilities. Blackdot’s deep functional expertise in marketing, sales and service pairs up well with Healthy Thinking Group’s specialties in digital, creative, advertising, communications, and education.
Both Blackdot and Healthy Thinking Group have a keen understanding of the distinctive industry expertise required for servicing the pharmaceutical and health sciences industries and the need to support clients in achieving multi-channel excellence.
By taking on staff of Healthy Thinking Group, Blackdot is committed to providing stability and continuity for clients. The complementary capabilities of both firms mean clients can now benefit from an end-to-end multi-channel service offering, while maintaining the continuity of the Healthy Thinking Group team and their relationships.
Commenting on the partnership, Blackdot Managing Director, Marty Nicholas, said:
“We’re delighted to be working with the Healthy Thinking Group – they will significantly strengthen our pharma and health sciences solution offering. We’re particularly excited about what we can do together to help our customers transform their multi-channel capabilities to achieve enhanced health care professional and patient outcomes. This development means both the Healthy Thinking Group team and our existing customers will benefit from unique and complementary expertise as we continue to grow our pharma and health sciences practice.”
Healthy Thinking Group CEO, Stephen Robson, commented:
“This is a great development for the Healthy Thinking Group team – one that enables us to continue to deliver our specialty expertise to our clients, while strengthening and broadening our offering with Blackdot’s backing. We look forward to working with the Blackdot team to leverage our mutual strengths and provide deeper insights and support to our client base.”