Blackdot revamps website for customer-centricity

After being awarded ‘Best IT and Digital Experience Site’ in the 2016 Kentico Site of the Year Awards, Blackdot was determined to maintain the high standard of its website and ensure it continued to evolve to reflect the company’s latest expertise, but more importantly, to actively provide answers to the challenges its clients are facing.

Over the past quarter, the Blackdot marketing team has been planning an extensive website redesign to optimise user experience and reflect the company’s latest best practice approach to transformation. Launched this week, the revamped site now takes a more customer-centric approach to presenting information, where visitors can navigate the site based on the challenges they are looking to solve, rather than by searching for a product offering.
The website now presents a range of solutions grouped under the five key shifts Blackdot has identified as being key to enterprise transformation:
  Blackdot leveraged in-house digital and marketing expertise for the redesigned site, taking a very considered approach to content strategy and UX.
Largely focused around one of Blackdot’s core objectives – helping clients understand what good looks like – the site is regularly fine-tuned and the content library continually updated with insightful blog posts, white papers and videos on marketing, sales and service transformation.
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