Deliver a change experience that energises your people

The integration of digital channels into everyday life is now at a point where customers expect an omni-channel experience as the norm, not the exception. But it’s not enough to just have an omni-channel strategy. At Blackdot, we’ve seen both successful and failed attempts at the organisational and operational change required to turn your blueprint into reality. A common factor among those leading the way is a well-executed change engagement plan.
So, what does a successful change engagement plan include?
It takes several touchpoints and mediums to get your whole organisation onboard a transformation. Sequencing the right messages, to the right people, in a purposeful and captivating way – that clearly explains the why, what and how of change is often a determining factor for whether it will stick.
That’s where Blackdot can assist
Ensuring you provide engaging change experiences, that not only look the part, but also capture the nuances of your business is absolutely critical. Over the last year, Blackdot’s expert marketing squad piloted a program where our in-house creative team have led the development of change communications as a core component of transformation projects. And we’re proud to say, we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback!
Sitting at the core of everything we do is a deep understanding of your organisation - meaning less briefing time, faster turnarounds, and a cut-through outcome. We’re committed to ensuring you, your people and everyone involved in your transformation feel capable and resilient in the face of the change.

“The best change management plan starts with a good communication plan. These days we are required to drive omni-channel maturity while running day-to-day operations at full speed. Therefore, it is key that we have a clear storyline and engaging communication on our goals and expectations otherwise we will lose stakeholders along the way. Blackdot has been supporting us on that journey.”

Felipe de Carvalho Garcia - Director Multichannel Customer Engagement, Novo Nordisk

Are you ready to energise your organisation around the change?
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