How leading enterprises transform in step with customers

Blackdot’s latest whitepaper: Enterprise Growth Transformation

After unveiling a new best practice framework to reinvent marketing, sales and service at the well-received Enterprise Growth Transformation event last year, Blackdot has released a new Enterprise Growth Transformation whitepaper outlining five steps leading enterprises have taken to evolve and adapt to become more customer-centric.

Drawing on Blackdot’s extensive work with enterprise clients, the whitepaper highlights what leading first-moving enterprises are doing to become more connected to their customers. It explores five key shifts enterprises should consider to adapt to the evolving customer dynamic and achieve enterprise growth transformation:

1. Reorganising around the changing customer
2. Integrating & digitising marketing, sales and service
3. Transforming mindsets & capabilities
4. Implementing & adopting new technology
5. Embedding & continuous improvement

The whitepaper discusses Blackdot’s Operational Maturity/Business Imperative (OMBI) framework – a guide for enterprises to determine which key shifts to focus on, creating an optimal pathway to accelerate transformation.

Surveying 300 growth leaders against the OMBI framework in March and October 2017, Blackdot asked them to rate their enterprises’ progress towards becoming holistically customer-driven and delivering a consistent omni-channel experience. The survey findings showed a 12% increase in the number of enterprises making strong headway towards customer-centricity.

The survey results also showed an impressive 29% decrease in organisations still trying to get started on their transformation journey – a sign enterprises are progressing in their operational maturity and level of business imperative. Overall, the results showed encouraging indicators that fast followers have a great opportunity to learn from first movers and use this knowledge to move further and faster along their journey.

To find out more about how these fundamental shifts can assist your organisation, download the Enterprise Growth Transformation whitepaper.