Insights from the MedTech Commercial Leaders Forum Europe

Blackdot’s Executive Director EMEA, Mark Taylor, was pleased to present at the MedTech Commercial Leaders Forum in Zurich where he discussed key challenges and opportunities for MedTech organisations when transforming around the customer.

The two-day conference covered themes around how MedTech organisations could evolve the go to market model, improve sales team effectiveness and gain more valuable insights through omni-channel marketing models for a more customer-centric experience.
Key challenges discussed at the event included reduced margins caused by a shift from product-led to value/solution-led business models, as well as a push for a broader MedTech role in the overall end-to-end value chain.
Speakers delved into best practice tips on how MedTech organisations can overcome these issues by:
  • Shifting culture and capability to client-focused sales, leveraging technology to lift frontline impact
  • Prioritising key account management as the customer environment becomes increasingly sophisticated
  • Building competencies and business acumen to engage stakeholders across the healthcare landscape
  • Using digital to add further value to patients, healthcare professionals, and the broader healthcare ecosystem

An overall theme was to bring the needs of healthcare professionals, patients and MedTech firms together via a simple, seamless experience across multiple channels.
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