Mark Taylor at MedTech Commercial Leaders Forum Europe

Mark Taylor, Blackdot's Executive Director EMEA, will be presenting at the MedTech Commercial Leaders Forum in Zurich, on 20 February 2018. He'll be discussing the key challenges and opportunities of transforming the health science organisation around the customer. Blackdot caught up with Mark recently for a preview of the upcoming presentation.

Q: Mark, in your opinion, what are the key challenges faced by the MedTech industry today?
A: The health science industry has historically enjoyed high margins from strong brand equity and identity, coupled with a real sense of community benefit - but the commercial landscape is changing. MedTech companies are now facing headwinds in the form of more complicated buying environments, the rise of digital, and increasing cost/competitive pressure.  
Q: How has changing buyer behaviour affected the traditional go-to-market approach of MedTech organisations?
A: MedTech customers have become increasingly time poor and at the same time, far more tech-savvy. They expect and demand relevant information across multiple channels as they make their decisions. They are also heavily influenced by KOL and their peers. These influences have forever and dramatically changed the buying environment and enterprise organisations must keep up or lose out.
Q: What are your thoughts on how MedTech organisations need to evolve to achieve genuine customer-centricity?
A: MedTech organisations must adopt a new go-to-market approach, one that places the customer at the centre of everything they do. Customer-centricity can no longer be just a good intention, but must become an operational imperative across all parts of the business. They’ll need to genuinely dissolve legacy functional silos and work toward new levels of connectedness and collaboration. In addition, they’ll need to understand and adopt new technologies to scale efficiently and effectively.
Q: How do you think MedTech sales reps will need to evolve to support this new buyer behaviour?
A: I think the sales person will remain a vital part of the buying process if they can evolve from being a ‘road warrior’ into a ‘customer expert. To remain relevant, they will need to meaningfully build on their client relationships and become advocates – opening up and sharing customer knowledge with the organisation. If they can learn to bridge the gap between digital and physical, they’ll be of much higher value to the customer and to the business.
Q: Mark, you’ll be presenting at the next MedTech Commercial Leaders Forum - what are the key takeaways you hope attendees will gain from your presentation?
A: I’d be thrilled if leaders walked away a genuine sense of opportunity, excited by the potential of positive transformation and armed with practical steps for realising benefits.
The MedTech Commercial Leaders Forum Europe will take place in Zurich, Switzerland on 20-21 February 2018. Download the agenda for further details about the Forum.
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