Benchmarking Reports Provide Deeper Level of Information

Blackdot’s Benchmarking & Insights team, led by Nadia Koh, has just launched a suite of optimised benchmarking reports.

The enhanced reports provide a far deeper level of information, showing a full range of responses to each of the surveys. Using the Likert scale, the report responses are now easier to read and interpret, providing better and more convenient insights for leaders. These are just the start of an exciting range of additions to the Benchmarking Community’s toolkit, to be launched in FY18.

Nadia commented, “The Blackdot team have used client feedback to better support our clients through reports that are more targeted and succinct to better support the continuous improvement journey.”  

Nadia Koh joined Blackdot several months ago as Head of Benchmarking & Insights. She is a chartered accountant fellow with over 16 years of experience, primarily in financial services and management consulting, and has worked with multi-national corporations and government entities focussed on transformation and process design. Her specialties include management and financial reporting, system implementation & enhancement for retail banks.

Nadia and her team ensure enterprise clients understand what good looks like and promote sustainable growth by using data-driven, evidence based solutions that highlight what drives performance.