Sqware Peg Listed in Top 10 Growing Australian Tech Companies

Blackdot’s technology implementation partner, Sqware Peg, has been named as one of the top 10 growing Australian technology companies in 2017 by digital disruptors The Martec.

In a time where Australia’s tech industry is thriving and with so many innovative companies to compete with in the market, ranging from established businesses to new start-ups, this is a particularly special achievement for Sqware Peg.

Sqware Peg was founded in 2003 and currently has over 40 employees in Sydney and Melbourne. In 2016, Blackdot and Sqware Peg joined forces to launch its newest division - Sqware Peg Digital. The focus of the partnership is to deliver marketing technology implementation and managed campaign services to clients across the globe; helping them navigate the people, process and technology aspects of digital transformation.

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