Supporting our clients and team
during unprecedented times

The world is in the midst of a health crisis – the scale of which we have never before been exposed to in our lifetime. We are currently, and will continue to be, faced with a variety of pressures that go beyond individuals and organisations, and impact the foundations of our society and economy.

Here at Blackdot, so far we have not felt the same impact as some other sectors. However, it’s just as important for us to be proactive and have a plan of action to ensure that the immediate needs of our clients, employees and the greater community are being met.
In these unprecedented times, we are fully committed to supporting:
  • Our clients: All existing and new engagements will continue as usual. We have implemented best-practice remote ways of working, so that our teams are empowered with the right resources needed to continue delivering seamless client experiences.
  • Our team: The health and wellbeing of our people is front of mind here at Blackdot. To minimise any potential risk, we have ensured international and domestic travel has been cancelled. Globally, we are embracing a flexible work from home policy and have made sure the right infrastructure is in place to allow everyone to continue fulfilling their roles efficiently and effectively.
  • The Blackdot Community: Over the coming weeks and months we will be releasing a series of practical and complimentary insights for overcoming the challenges which COVID-19 brings. In situations where organisations are faced with immediate threats to their business, we will be available to work alongside them by providing advisory sessions and assistance to alleviate some of the pressure that has been placed upon them.
It is hard to predict exactly how this situation will unfold so it is crucial that we act quickly and decisively to protect the immediate safety of the community. We must come together and work in a collaborative and positive way, to make every effect to overcome the challenges that lie ahead of us all. Importantly, we must continue to push forward with a growth mindset so that when the crisis dissipates and economies rebound – we are in a position to maximise the opportunities and benefits for our clients, employees and the communities in which we operate.