The evolution of sales - adapting to the changing customer

COVID-19 has changed the way leaders think about customers, how they go-to-market and the role of sales. With restrictions beginning to ease, many are turning their minds to what this function will look like once normality returns.


Over the last few decades, customers have become self-informed and discerning, forcing organisations to shift from a legacy relationship selling model, to a multi and then omni-channel engagement approach. In order to succeed in this new digital first environment, the core role of sales must further evolve to become more customer and journey-centric, insight-led and progression-focussed.

Download this infographic for insights on how sales has evolved, shifts in market and buying dynamics and three prevailing sales models.

For a deeper exploration of the sales capabilities that will enable your reps to deliver ongoing customer and commercial success - download the next infographic in this series: