Elevating the employee experience for transformation success

As organisations look to transform their go-to-market model to meet elevated customer and buyer expectations, leaders typically take one of three acceleration approaches.

These are technology-centric, capability-centric or customer-centric. Although each has benefits, we’re finding that the level of frontline engagement and therefore risks to manage vary significantly – impacting the success of your transformation.

In this session, we explore how you can unlock greater valuefaster by working outside-in from the customer to deliver an optimal frontline experience.

Watch this webinar recording, as we share:

  • A comparison of the three acceleration approaches, and how they are applied across operational design and implementation
  • The varying business engagement, speed-to-value, benefit profile and strategic ability of each approach
  • How to ensure your people strategy drives a greater employee experience, program momentum and lasting change
  • A real-world example showcasing how a customer-centric approach will assist in building the capabilities, to set up your frontline for success