The global vs. local trade-offs required for omni-channel success

How can you align global and local priorities to deliver on the ideal HCP and patient experience?

Health Science organisations are faced with the imperative to uplift their multi and omni-channel maturity to keep up with changing HCP engagement preferences and buying behaviour. However, when looking at the sector as a whole – most aren’t moving at the pace required due to low digital maturity, global and local disconnect, and legacy ways of working.  

Watch the webinar recording to explore how you can turn the old saying “think global, act local” into an operational reality, and accelerate your pathway to digital maturity.

Key themes we cover include: 

  • The global pharma execution challenge and potential opportunity for those who adapt 
  • A best-practice framework for creating a HCP-centric and scalable global omni-channel blueprint 
  • Omni-channel use cases across brand launches, primary care and specialty care 
  • Global, TA and affiliate responsibilities when implementing the change