The Sales Manager of the Future

Building the capabilities of Frontline and Second-line Sales Managers to take your customer-centric transformation further and faster.

Sales Managers arguably have the most complex and challenging role; while targets are fixed, everything else is dynamic. Due to the ever-evolving selling environment – with increased customer expectations and ongoing competitive threats, there is an enduring expectation for Sales Managers to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. This role is critical for achieving both organisational and commercial outcomes and therefore building the capabilities needed to set them up for success is no longer optional.
Watch the recording of our webinar to explore:

  • The changing world of the Sales Manager & key drivers behind the change
  • Proven execution disciplines that Sales Managers must display
  • The business impact of high performing Sales Managers
  • Emerging leadership disciplines that are critical to invest in
  • Setting up an effective Sales Manager Academy: A ‘how-to’ guide for a new learning experience
  • Approaches to embed sustainable behavioural change