Customer Journey Automation

Are you ready to scale your ‘always-on’ marketing, sales and service execution engine?

With so much more of the customer journey now occurring online, new technology is required to automate a larger volume and variety of customer interactions. However, there’s much more to marketing, sales and service automation than meets the eye. Often overlooked are a range of broader people, process and technology foundations required to successfully execute and realise value.

Blackdot can help you combine marketing, sales and service best practices with the power of automation to revolutionise your execution engine and customer experience. Leveraging the deep and complementary expertise of our exclusive technology partners, we can seamlessly bring together the business requirements and technical capability required to accelerate your ROI and benefits realisation.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Develop Your Marketing, Sales &
Service Automation Strategy

Bring together the people, process, content, technology and data elements which will accelerate your ROI and benefits-realisation

Select, Implement & Optimise Your
Technology Solution

Deliver the deployment, configuration and integration required for you to rapidly harness the impact of your technology investment

Build New Technology
& Data Capabilities

Embed the new skillsets which your staff need to effectively operate and get the best out of your technology platforms

Design Omni-Channel
Customer Engagement Programs

Develop compelling content and campaigns which deliver automated progression across your buyer journeys

Scale Integrated
Marketing, Sales & Service Execution

Design integrated processes, workflows and alerts across your technology platforms to scale collaborative execution

Continually Optimise With Data

Leverage analytics to further understand your customer and continually monitor and enhance the end-to-end customer journey

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