Service Effectiveness

Can you deliver the experience required to delight and retain today’s customer?

High-performing organisations have always aspired to deliver customer satisfaction. However, with the emergence of a new breed of customer, organisations must go beyond this to genuinely deliver a new standard of customer experience - effectively leveraging service as a source of differentiation and retention within the broader customer lifecycle.

Blackdot can drive the end-to-end strategy, people, process and technology transformation that will enable you to deliver a compelling, differentiated service experience, at lower cost. By delivering best practice people and process change along with cutting edge technology such as automation and artificial intelligence, we can help you transform your service experience to be consistently faster, easier and better.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Integrate Digital &
Self-Serve Channels

Plan, activate and optimise digital channels that enhance the customer experience and are effectively integrated with physical channels

Drive More Informed
Service Interactions

Develop a single digital backbone and leverage your data to ensure the right interactions occur in the right channel at the right time

Design More Effective
& Integrated Processes

Break down legacy silos and re-engineer more collaborative and connected ways of working across marketing, sales and service

Leverage Automation &
Artificial Intelligence

Implement and optimise cutting-edge technologies which reduce low value tasks and empower service staff to delight customers

Build the Service Team
of the Future

Adapt leaders, managers and customer-facing roles to operate effectively in a more digital and multi-channel environment

Optimise the Cost to Serve

Deliver both customer and business value by balancing compelling service experiences with current and potential customer value

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