Marketing Operating Models

Are your marketers set up to deliver results in the digital age?

Now owning more of the buying funnel and customer lifecycle, marketing must undergo a dramatic transformation to build customer relationships in the digital world. However, to adjust to a more accountable and revenue-focused ways of working, and deliver a step change in customer outcomes, a new operating model must emerge – with new roles, capabilities and resources required for success.

Blackdot can help you build an efficient, effective and future-fit marketing operating model. By optimising the new roles, capabilities and resources required to support best practice multi-channel execution, we can position your marketers for success in today’s digital buying environment.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Design a Future-Fit
Marketing Operating Model 

Build the roles, capabilities & cross-functional collaboration required to transition from traditional to digital marketing

Crystallise New Measures
of Success & Reward

Design KPIs and incentives which are linked to the marketing strategy & position your marketers for a new era of outcomes & accountability

Upskill Your Marketers
for the Digital Age

Develop the new data, technology, content development & channel-specific skill-sets required to drive digital lead generation

Optimise Your
Marketing Resources

Leverage dashboards and metrics to monitor and continually enhance your marketing effectiveness and return-on-investment

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