Continuous Improvement

Is continuous improvement a one-off event, or business-as-usual?

When going through significant change, many organisations mobilise around bursts of transformation energy, before lapsing into periods of consolidation as change beds down. In today’s dynamic customer environment, we observe that high-performing organisations maintain continual business momentum – embracing a culture of ‘restless excellence’ and considering learning and improvement as business-as-usual. However, maintaining this energy and focus on continuous improvement – particularly in times of substantial change – is a key challenge for many leaders and organisations.

Blackdot’s unique benchmarking solutions enable you to create an enduring commitment to continuous improvement across your organisation. By enabling a continual cycle of comparison to best practice, opportunity identification, embedding measurement and then re-assessment – we can help you drive execution excellence and an organisational culture which strives to continually lift the bar.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Understand Global
Best Practice

Leverage a framework encompassing 12 levers, 60 categories and 150 best practices proven to ‘move the needle’

Set a Baseline
For Improvement

Know how you compare to global best practice and identify gaps to close and strengths to leverage across the business

Isolate Key Improvement

Distil the opportunities which will transform the business, as well as the quick wins that can be quickly capitalised on

Measure & Track
Improvement Progress

Carry out annual ‘Progress Assessments’ and regular ‘Pulse Checks’ to continually assess ongoing progress towards best practice

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