Initiative Tracking & Embedding

Are your transformation initiatives on course to deliver the slated business case benefits?

With the scale of the shifts required to adapt to today’s customer environment, effective measurement is critical both for proving the value of new initiatives via pilot programs, as well as ensuring that large and expensive transformation projects stay on course. New and non-traditional metrics are increasingly required to achieve this. While businesses typically measure input and output metrics, many struggle to measure behavioural and operational execution. Whilst less easily quantified, these measures are essential to ensuring the success of transformation initiatives.

Blackdot’s flexible range of benchmarking and measurement tools enable you to ensure robust tracking and embedding of your transformation initiatives. With the ability to track progress across key organisational enablers, leadership, management and frontline execution - as well as customer and business outcomes - you can ensure a holistic approach to progress tracking. Regular pulse checks ensure issues can be quickly identified, enabling you to course correct early where required and ensure the delivery of your transformation business case benefits.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Define Your Key Metrics

Develop a fit-for-purpose set of metrics that will enable you to effectively measure the implementation of your key transformation initiatives

Build Specific Initiative
Tracking Tools

Design dashboards and reporting tools which drive aligned execution and enable continual monitoring and course-correction

Measure & Track
Transformation Progress

Carry out annual ‘Progress Assessments’ and regular ‘Pulse Checks’ to assess ongoing progress towards best practice

Quantify Benefits

Leverage our deep quantitative credentials to define your transformation impact and return-on-investment

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