Organisational Maturity Benchmarking

Is your business aligned behind your most impactful transformation opportunities?

With a proliferation of well-intentioned projects typically being run at any given time, large complex businesses routinely struggle with prioritisation. Trying to deliver the ‘Vital Many’ - rather than the ‘Vital Few’ - inevitably erodes the capacity and focus required to run the business while simultaneously bedding in key transformation projects. In order to accelerate transformation and drive benefits-realisation, leaders need to align around a small list of critical initiatives that will generate the highest return for the business.

Blackdot’s proprietary benchmarking and ‘Vital Few’ process delivers the dual benefit of ‘reducing the noise’ around peripheral issues, as well as aligning business, marketing and sales leaders behind the key initiatives that are going to make the biggest difference. With our extensive dataset and ongoing analysis into the key levers of performance, Blackdot’s benchmarking solutions can help you understand ‘what good looks like’ and accelerate transformation towards growth.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Understand the Proven Levers
of Go-To-Market Effectiveness

Leverage a framework encompassing 12 levers, 60 categories and 150 best practices proven to ‘move the needle’

Know How You Compare
to Global Best Practice

Surface uplift opportunities across the business and identify gaps to close and strengths to leverage

Isolate Your 'Vital Few'
Growth Opportunities

Distil the opportunities which will transform the business, as well as the quick wins that can be quickly capitalised on

Define Your Go-To-Market
Transformation Roadmap

Understand dependency challenges and the optimal sequencing which will set up your transformation for success

Mobilise Your
Go-To-Market Transformation

Gain executive alignment around the defined scope, accountabilities and deliverables for your ‘Vital Few’ initiatives

Track & Embed
Your Progress

Leverage ongoing re-benchmarking to ensure you are realising the benefit and driving continuous improvement

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