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Customer Technology Adoption

Are you seeing value from your customer technology investments?

Customer platforms are more sophisticated than ever before, bringing about significant growth opportunity.  However many companies struggle to realise full value from their investments, with the promised “silver bullet” never materialising.

By starting with the customer journey and the ‘moments that matter’ most, you will arrive at a prioritised set of critical capabilities needed to deliver on the ideal experience. With this foundation in place, you can then identify the business and technical requirements that will ensure the right platform selection, define the supporting enablers, and engage the business to adopt technology change.

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Platform selection is made based on the technical specifications of individual systems

Box 1

Invest in technology ecosystems, with platform selection determined by business requirements

Box 2

“Out of the box” solutions to deliver the fastest path to technology implementation

Box 3

Work ”outside-in” from the customer, rather than “inside-out” from the technology layer

Box 4

Technology implementation precedes business change, such as operating model, processes and mindset shifts

Box 5

Deliver implementation in agile sprints incorporating both business and technology change

Box 6

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